Christmas presents: Should presents be given at Christmas?

  • Not all people can afford it.

    Not all people can afford presents and its not the point of Christmas to give away presents. Christmas is there to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, we don´t really celebrate his birthday by giving presents to each other do we? We should rather donate the money that we would spend on Christmas presents to the people on this earth who really need it.

  • Presents are a cherished part of Christmas

    Presents have been given at Christmas since it turned into a holiday. Presents are given to commemorate the gifts brought to baby Jesus upon His birth. One can argue that we should spend more time teaching our children the meaning of the presents and try to diminish the commercial aspect but never should we eliminate something that has provided so many millions of cherished memories and promises to deliver so many more.

  • Yes, presents show love.

    Yes, presents should be given at Christmas because gift giving is a good opportunity to show love. Christmas is a celebration of the ultimate gift of the Christ, so it is appropriate to commemorate this celebration by copying gift giving to others. Gift giving also makes people happy and makes the season memorable and celebratory.

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