Christmas trees in Christianity: Are Christmas trees a legitimate element of Christmas?

  • It's the thought that counts.

    Christmas is Christmas however you celebrate, as long as you celebrate it. The trees' origin is somewhat disagreed upon, but in Germany they became a tradition because the people liked using the trees as decoration. One reason sometimes mentioned is that they symbolize eternal life. Eventually they spread, and now they are a major part of Christmas. It doesn't matter where the tradition came from, all that matters is that we celebrate the Christmas season as a time of love and joy and remember the true meaning of Christmas. If these trees help us celebrate Christmas, then they are a welcome tradition.

  • Christmas trees are a legitimate element of celebrating the Christmas holiday.

    Christmas trees are part of the way people choose to outwardly express their celebration of the Christmas season. Although there is a debate on whether or not there Christmas trees have always been a part of the holiday and whether there is supporting evidence in the Bible, that does not take away from it being a legitimate Christmas tradition. People have come to adopt it as part of their own tradition in decorating their homes and as a way to kick off the holiday season. Christmas trees are a recognizable part of the Christmas holiday, it is an accepted tradition and cultural norm and that makes it a legitimate element of the holiday.

  • Christmas trees are of Pagan origin.

    As the title says, Christmas trees are of Pagan origin.To say that it was the Christian religion that made them legitimate a element would be wrong. To begin with if they were indeed legitimate, I would have expected the to be a Middle Eastern tree, because according to The Bible, the first Christmas happened in Bethlehem,Israel.In my knowledge,firs and pines don't grow in Israel.

    So, where did the Christmas tree come from? Germany is where they came from.The Christmas tree is not only used for Christmas but it is part of the Pagan Mid-winter festival, which is where it originates from.So why did Christianity adopt this tradition?In Victorian England, Queen Victoria marry her vaguely related cousin Albert, who was German. At this time Christmas trees became popular with the general public, because Victoria had been showing off hers.Though rich people had been bringing these trees in to their homes and decorating them for a bit longer than the poorer classes, from about the time of George I of England, it only went public in Victoria's reign onwards.

    So as you can see, the Christian Christmas tree has not been a Christmas tree for as long as you think.I don't see it as a Christian attribute to the holiday.

  • Christmas trees are based on Pagan traditions.

    Christmas trees are a cultural addition to Christmas. They are not a legitimate element of Christmas because they are based on Pagan religions and ideas. The Druids and Egyptians had religious elements that included trees. The first Christmas trees were in Germany, but weren't based on traditional or biblical teachings. They have became a part of Christmas today, but they weren't always.

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