• Yes, victim-blaming further hurts the victim involved.

    In the case of Christy Mack, the problem that she is facing is, anytime she is mentioned in the media, her name is always prefaced with "porn star Christy Mack." Her occupation is being used against her since being a porn star is still considered a taboo occupation, and this can make public opinion turn against her instead of side with her. She is seen as someone who "deserves" this type of treatment because of her submissiveness in pornography. No one's occupation should not induce victim-blaming, as this has no relevance on if they deserve it or not, because no one deserves to be beaten, especially as badly as she was.

  • It's Not Her Fault

    Just reading briefly about this issue, I am stunned that people seem to think that because she is a porno actress, that means she was "asking for it." No woman asks to be beaten. No PERSON asks to be beaten. The violence occurred because of a man who couldn't control his anger. I think perhaps people who are blaming the victim are in some way trying to shore up their own personal self esteem by distancing themselves from a woman with a career choice they disagree with.

  • She understood the risks

    As what happen to miss Mack was tragic now factored in the fact that her lifestyle was based on manipulation and using her body to get ahead in life. Miss Mack was very aware of the issues with War Machine in the sense that he was a fighter and most fighters have aggressive tendencies as well as breaking points. I watched miss mack be interviewed before the attack and I have to say she was not very supportive of her boyfriend in fact she commented on the fact she liked seeing him hit. Which brings me to the point miss mack really didn't understand that being with someone who like the ware machine who had to deal with things differently and suffered from mental health issues shows she really in my have been indifferent and may have enjoyed being in my opinion "arm candy". In ending this I feel what happened was tragic but miss mack understood the risks of being with someone who was unstable and ignored the risks and well thats what happens.

  • No one deserves to be beaten the way she was.

    That said, choices and actions can and do have consequences. Choosing to live in a bad neighborhood for whatever reason (lack of money, location of family, etc) can have consequences. It doesn't mean you deserve to be robbed, broken into, etc, but these things are much more likely in a bad neighborhood. Answer; avoid bad neighborhoods at all cost. When it comes to relationships, typically, men and women enter into them of their own free will. Quite a few women are attracted to men who look, act and behave like Christy Macky's ex-boyfriend "War Machine," Mr. Mugshot Jeremy Meeks, Rihanna's gentleman Chris Brown, etc. Women will overlook the worst character flaws in men because they are turned on by the emotions and drama these men bring. Being responsible and courteous and law-abiding just isn't *exciting* to women. They want swagger and attitude and confidence… need I remind people that confidence can swindle trusting people out of their savings, convince a country to go to war over flimsy evidence, and allow one to lie straight faced, the truth be damned.
    When women say they want a strong guy who can protect them, they assume that strength won't be used against them some day, as Christy Mack experienced. "War Machine" will be properly punished and he's now been caught. But that doesn't change or erase her attack. How could she have avoided this? By making better decisions on who to involve herself with. This goes for all women, and men too. I've never heard of a woman being sympathetic to men being fleeced by gold diggers or cheaters. "He should have known… and you go, girl" is what is said in the aftermath. But a woman should apparently never have to deal with any consequences of poor choices.
    You can't tell me that women are adults, capable of making their own decisions, equal, etc, and then turn around and tell me they need special protection from the consequences of the decisions they made with their own free will.

  • Christy Mack chose this life!

    You have to factor in that while nobody deserves to be beaten, Christy Mack chooses to work in an industry filled with another side of society. While she is not at fault for what happened to her, in this instance she has chosen a career path where these things are more likely to happen than not.

  • No, I don't think we can.

    Because of the circumstances surrounding this crime I think it is hard for people to stop victim blaming no matter how repulsive it is. Because of her line of work people are always going to see it as see putting herself at risk and therefore is also culpable. I think this is terribly wrong but it is hard to control.

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