• Of course we need wifi

    Free public WiFi is important. Because you can do online games, find important informations, or you can message someone. Also you can watch YouTube videos! And search things you want! If you have free WiFi, you can do that in everywhere! That’s so useful! If you don’t have WiFi, imagine if you don’t have WiFi. You can’t message each other, you can’t search, you can’t play online games, and you can’t watch YouTube.

  • Because they have so many games and they look very cool.

    They have lots of games like Typing Agent and SNAKE. They look so cool because of their chrome-ness and colors. They are also more prominent in education because of their amazing use. They also have built-in education tools like Goggle Docs and Goggle Sheets. Clearly my argument is supreme, there is no reason to argue, CHROME FOR LYFE!!!

  • They are not the best

    You can not download games most people play online. The games on the webstore are so boring and trash. But anyways more people buy Windows and Apple just for their freetime, not chromebooks. Most chromebooks are used for school because they have good presenting sites and downloads on the computer. CHROMEBOOKS ARE SHIT!

  • They are not the best.

    You can not really download games most people play online. The games on the webstore are trash because they are boring. First of all it can take pictures and everything but it can't do what Windows or Apples do. Most people get those type of computers for their freetime. Chromebooks are good for school and work just because it's more of just a typing computer. CHROMEBOOKS ARE SHIT!

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