• Yes, the Chuck Hagel resignation was justified.

    As Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel has had increasing problems leading up to his resignation. The call for his resignation arose back in October 2013, amidst the shocking revelations that military families were denied payments for fallen soldiers. Chuck Hagel has demonstrated lack of control over his department and his resignation should have been submitted long ago.

  • I do believe it was justified.

    Over that past couple years, we've seen the U.S government slowly fall apart hence why I think Chuck Hagel's Resignation was justified. I cannot imagine the amount of stress any of them must be feeling with such crazy things going on in the world. I'd have to resign too! Hopefully someone with the apporiate skills will replace him.

  • Yes, Chuck Hagel's resignation was justified.

    Yes, the resignation of Chuck Hagel was justified. It is my belief that due to the Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel's position on the issue of Syria he was inspired to send a memo to the White House expressing his arguments that opposed those of the president. This memo was leaked to the press, and as a result it was made clear to the international community that there was a divide within the United States government. It is especially significant that this divide was between the Secretary of Defense and the President of the United States, because this may indicate to foreign adversaries that there is an opportunity to damage the country's defense system in its time of weakness.

  • Why so sudden?

    Like my headline states, "Why so sudden"?
    Working in the White House is a big thing. Your not just asked to step down. Sure, if your at old age, or aren't making good decision, or even are a bad influence in the work environment. Sure, he's 68, and he's a republican (no offense), but why be asked to step down? Mr. Hagel IS a republican, and works in closer contact with the President than the house (congress), and I personally think that Mr. President has had some problems with Mr. Hagel, asking him to resign. Now sure, we've all read in the WSJ or NY Times about what they claimed, which I do believe, but the two political parties clashing, seems to be also a greater problem, which would be a more probable reason for this sudden resignation. Personally I am a democrat. I can see how President Obama is in a tough situation, and he feels cramped (I certainly would), but I think that he needs to come straight out with it. He's already a lame duck. The republicans might to try to impeach him though... AGAIN.

  • After reading about it...

    Well after reading about it, it seems he was pressured to resign simply because his opinions on some things differed with too many others so I must say that is simply bullying if people 'preswsure' him out of his job! I think he AND his ideas should have been given a more fair chance, now I will admit I havent read too much on it, but I'm just saying my opinion based on what the articles I read say

  • No, I dont think it was justified

    No, I don't believe that this was justified. I think that he deserved another chance and to say his thoughts and feelings on the subject alot more then they allowed him too. I think the decision was very one sided and he should be able to fight it if that wasnt what he wanted

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