Chupacabra: Is the animal captured by the Texas family really a chupacabra?

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  • I highly doubt it.

    The animal caught by the Texas family looks like several other "monsters" that have turned up on shorelines and in peoples yards. It looks like a dog that died of some sort of disease or malnutrition. The Chapucabra probably isn't real. It's fun to think about, but time to move on.

  • It is a myth

    I do not think that chupacabra actually exists. I mean, it is the 21st century people, are we not a little to old for believing in this nonsense? I think that this family is just trying to get their fifteen minutes of fame with this ridiculous story about a chupacabra

  • No, I don't think the animal captured by the Texan family is really a Chupacabra.

    I think that the animal is likely some deformed offspring of another species of animal that fits the general idea of what the chupcabara is, I don't think that there is any real proof that the chupcabara really exists and unless a signifcant discovery is made I don't think it will ever be found to be a real thing.

  • No, but it doesn't seem like a dog, either.

    Having seen a video and read a couple of articles on the mysterious animal, I believe that the animal found is a mystery. It definitely doesn't look or sound like a dog to me, even though a biologist said it likely is. It was using its paws to eat, which I have never seen a dog do. But it doesn't seem like a mythical chupacabra because people say the found and caught animal is peaceful, whereas the myth talks about a violent animal. It doesn't seem like a chupacabra, but it also doesn't seem like a dog.

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