Ciara Is Taking Heat For Her ‘Revealing’ Football Playoff Dress: Should Ciara should be criticized for this dress?

  • Ciara should be criticized for her revealing dress

    The only purpose for entertainers like Ciara to dress as they do is simply to create a buzz and promote themselves. To think she didn't consider that this dress would be a topic of conversation is wrong. It is a real shame that entertainers won't show a bit more respect for our national anthem.

  • It was the only good thing!

    The dress was revealing but not too much. Her singing on the other hand was flat, pitchy and poorly mixed. The music was way too loud for her voice. I've never even heard of her, so maybe her other stuff is better, but anyone can sound good in a studio.
    The guy who sang before she did was so much better.

  • Ciara should not be criticized for her dress

    Shaming women for how they dress simply needs to stop. As a singer, Ciara is allowed to choose how she dresses for each performance. While it may have been viewed as not appropriate to some, she is the one who ultimately gets to decide what she wears to a performance.

  • No, Ciara should not be criticized for her dress.

    No, Ciara should not be criticized for her dress. Too many people are concerned with policing women and the way the dress, talk, and act. We live in a patriarchal society which wants to dictate what women can and cannot do, and this is a system of oppression and terror. Just as a young schoolgirl should not be forced to change her skirt because she'll distract the boys in her class, neither should Ciara be criticized for wearing a perfectly appropriate dress that revealed skin.

  • Adults should be able to wear what they want.

    I do not think it is anyone's place to criticize Ciara for wearing a revealing dress to a playoff game. She is an adult and should be able to wear what she likes without having to worry about other people's opinions. As an adult, she is allowed to decide how she wants to look.

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