Cincinnati mother who allowed her child into gorilla enclosure will not face charges: should she have been found guilty?

  • Yes, she should

    This mother should be held responsible for the death of that gorilla and not paying any attention to her child. There were reports from the people around her when this happened saying the child had been repeatedly asking to go in the gorilla exhibit while the mother ignored him and played on her phone. This wasn't a accident, or a miracle from god as she claims. God didn't save her child, the zoo keeper did, at the cost of an endangered animal that had been at the zoo for years.

  • Yes she should.

    I feel that the mother should be charged for not only abandoning her child but inadvertently causing an innocent gorilla to die because she can not manage her child. I feel that she should have to pay for the cost of the gorilla and she should have her child taken away from her so she can realize the consequences of her actions or lack thereof.

  • No, it was an accident

    It was not as if she encouraged her child to climb the fence and fall into the gorilla pit.It may have been unfortunate but accidents do occur in life. It would be unwise to take the boy's mother away because she was careless for an instant. There will be more gorillas.

  • She should not face charges

    It is clear by the 911 call tapes that this was an accident, and she was freaking out the entire time the event was unfolding. I think this means she should not be held accountable at all for what happened that day. Accidents happen, and jailing someone for an accident will lead to a more corrupt society and even more overcrowded jails.

  • No, Cincinnati mother should not be charged

    Any person who has a child knows that in a moment, a child can run off. The mother in this case liked away and because of a poor enclosure, her child made it into a gorilla pit. It was a mistake that ended thankfully with her child alive but an animal dead. The zoo is at fault for not having better safety standards.

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