• The Stupidity of these comments is unreal.

    For all those who are calling this mother a bad mother, you need to get a freaking clue!! There is a parent out there that hasn't ACCIDENTLY lost sight of their kid for a few moments....It happens!! This mentality is insane to make such a judgement of someone's parenting skills over something that has happened to every parent out there...And if you claim it hasn't, you are lying. Is it tragic that the life of a majestic animal was taken? Yes!!! But there is no other choice when it comes to saving the life of a HUMAN.

  • Very sad, had to happen.

    Though it was a very sad occurrence, the gorilla had to be killed in order to save the child. If the gorilla hadn't been killed, the child would've most likely been brutally beat up or even killed. Think of your child being in the enclosure. You would want the zoo to do anything and everything to try and get your child to safety. So yes, the Cincinnati zoo did make the right decision.

  • Yes, the Cincinnati Zoo is justified in killing the gorilla to save the young boy's life.

    Yes, the Cincinnati Zoo made the right decision. From what information I found, the boy's life was in danger because of the silverback gorilla. If they did not kill the gorilla, I believe the boy would have died. The zoo director has also stated that silverback gorillas are very dangerous. I do not see how else the zoo could have prevented the death of the boy if they had not killed the gorilla.

  • Sad but Necessary

    It is unfortunate, but it is pretty established in American society that a human life has greater value than an animal life, especially the life of a child. While there may have been non-lethal options, given the need for immediate action, the choice of the zookeepers to kill the gorilla makes sense.

  • It is incredibly sad, and I hope there was no other choice they could make

    I hate that the gorilla was killed. They are endangered and should be protected. It sounds as though the child wasn't properly supervised, but not being there, I can't pass judgment on the parents or situation which led to the child getting into the enclosure. However if zoo officials determined that the child's life was in danger and there was no other way to save him, except kill Harambe, they made the right choice.

  • Yes, depending on the situation.

    Was a child in danger because of the gorilla? Was there actually a good reason for killing the gorilla? Then yes, the zoo made the right decision. If saving or protecting a human life is at stake and there is no reasonable way to stop the animal without death, then death is unfortunately the better choice. Otherwise, detaining the animal should be a priority. If the zoo also becomes unable to take care of the animal and can not send it to another zoo, it should be put down. Animals raised in zoos would not be able to survive in the wild; they simply don't possess the means to. If the animal becomes a burden and can not be properly taken care of, killing it would end its suffering.

  • Human are NOT more important than animals no matter what.

    Humans ARE animals, in fact. It wasn't the gorilla's fault the child got into his enclosure, and he didn't even harm the child (on purpose) anyway. You could easily get the child out of the enclosure without shooting the poor thing, use drugs of you have to. The decision was completely unnecessary and sort of greedy in my opinion.

  • Typical american gun mentality! Disgusting!!!

    DISGUSTING can't even begin to describe this act! This has happened before. The gorillas where not harmed nor did they harm the child that had fallen or ventured in. Gorillas are also known to bluff when actually being threaten never mind how far a person would have to go to actually get one to physically attack. This shows how poorly trained and limited knowledge they have on these animals and how they have no business housing these great apes. The uneducated comments from the social puppets are pathetic at best when claiming its a justified kill. This zoo needs to be closed, the shooters charged criminally along with management, supervisors and the parent of this kid needs to face prison time as well!! A very big message needs to be sent to the idiot gun lovers and corner cutters, stupid is not an excuse!!!

  • Gorilla vs Human Boy

    I can understand why a lot of people would panic in this situation, but I believe they made the wrong decision. The gorilla is a very strong animal, and could have crushed the boy's head if it wanted to. However, both the boy and the large crowd were all yelling and screaming. The gorilla thought the boy was in danger and the crowd was a threat which is why it dragged the boy to another part of the enclosure where the crowd were less visible. The parents should have been more responsible and watching their child rather than letting him climb into a gorilla enclosure than filming the whole thing. The zoo had the option of tranquilising the gorilla, and then grabbing the boy, but they went for the easier option, and took the gorilla's life. When people said it was perfectly acceptable, I think they're hiding behind the excuse that the gorilla was "dangerous" and "going to hurt the boy," when that was the exact opposite of the gentle creature's intentions.

  • Everyone is equal

    It's disappointing to see many thinking that humans are superior to any other creature on this earth - we're not. If the parents couldn't take care of their child then that is their fault. The gorilla did not intentionally harm the human yet was killed for it's defensive actions, like any other predator on this planet. It's a shame that guns had to be the result of a dead animal.

  • Human life does not automatically outweigh everything else on this planet

    I want to put forward a hypothetical situation to those who believed Cincinnati Zoo took the correct action: if Harambe had been the last surviving male gorilla known to exist and the key ingredient in an optimistic breeding programme, would you still have believed killing him to be the right action and guarantee extinction of a species?

  • The gorrilla is more valuable

    So we got a child which there are BILLIONS of vs a gorrilla where there are THOUSANDS off, clearly they should have let the child die as a child dying is insignificant compared to the gorilla living.

    Naturally a mother would cry for her child to be rescued which is where the zoo comes in, they should do what is best for the animals and are in a neutral position, and LOGICAL action would be to let it play out and potentially have the child die because the child is not worth anything compared to the gorilla

  • Stupid human and poor gorilla

    I think obviously it is the mother's fault that she didn't take care of her kid well, so her kid fell into the cage of gorilla.In the video we can see the gorilla didn't do anything hurt the kid, every place it went it brought the kid together , even it seems to be the gorilla was protecting the kid, but the human just killed the gorilla to save the kid. I don't think the animals are dangerous, sometimes human are more dangerous and stupid than animals.

  • She is a stupid woman, dumb kid, & lousy keepers

    I dunno about you huys, but she is a terrible person and she should be sent to hell for her own lack of responsibility............ . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . .. .

  • It is the kids fault

    The kid should know better than to jump a fence into a gorrila cage just to see it better. How did he survive that fall? WTF? And that mom is just as much to blame!!!! She should have been watching him. The GPRRILLA was doing a better job of watching the kid than she was. WTF?!!!?!?!!?!

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