Circumcision doesn't prevent any diseases or infection, the only thing it prevents is normal sexual functions

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    I'm sorry, I don't think that any kind of mutilation congenital cutting is acceptable, regardless of the views of the parent. Every person us entitled to certain unalienable rights, and bodily autonomy is one of these rights. It is the responsibility of government to preserve these liberties, and so I believe that circumcision should be banned.

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adinamh says2017-02-06T07:31:11.367
I totally agree. It is genital mutilation. I know if I ever have a son they need to steer clear of his baby privates. I've seen a circumcision performed and it is cruel to say the least. If a GROWN MALE decides he wants the procedure it is his choicr aloing wiyh the decision of whether to be conscious and sefated locally or compleyely sedated snd as pain free as possible. I mean, what if some time in history it was decided that all women were to have their clitpral hood sliced off?? I'm not sure life would be wirth living if it csused damag which the act itself is definitely doing.