• Insomnia and cancer

    It has been discovered that sleeping in a places with WiFi signals can result in not being able to sleep. The WiFi pollution changes sleeping and falling asleep patterns there before creating in somnia wish can lead on to many other big problems like depression and hypertension. And more. . . . . .

  • Necessity, Efficiency, And politics

    So first, Any argument mentioning the negative effects of WiFi are sorta irrelevant since WiFi is already everywhere, And even though wifi causing insomnia or cancer would be a very good reason against free wifi, It certainly strays away from the main point of the debate which is mostly about how the internet is provided.

    So I would say yes (with "free wifi" being interpreted as public broadband) since internet is really an essential utility and everybody really does need to have it, It's more efficient if its maintained as a public utility, And with the recent repeal of net neutrality, It definitely serves as a way of keeping the influence of corporations (ISPs in this case) in check and promoting market competition in other areas.

    So first, The internet is really essential for functioning as a person. If you don't have the internet, It could be really hard to say get a job, Or buy stuff or function as a person at all. Having readily available (and somewhat high speed) internet gives everybody (not quite equal) access to the economic opportunities and utilities that the internet provides.

    Being an ISP is large part just maintenance and business. Most of the hardware is outsourced to other companies (because well duh Spectrum doesn't manufacture routers or switches), And lots of money is spent on legal and business shenanigans. Having the government (not necessarily a government, Could be independent as long it monopolized the area) run the ISP would benefit heavily from economies of scale, And obviously no profit is made, The price is to the city is the price of running the infrastructure.

    Finally, With the repeal of net neutrality, Public broadband could be a great way of combating money's influence on what we see. With public broadband, Everybody (within that area) would have equal access to the entire internet, With little restriction on what they can access, Bypassing the corporate censorship of the ISPs pushing their political and business interests.

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