City of Portland to sue Monsanto for contaminating waterways: Should Monsanto be held solely accountable?

  • Monsanto only cares about money

    Monsanto only cares about money, so take some of theirs away. Monsanto manufactured over 1 billion pounds of harmful synthetic chemicals and the company’s own documents show they continued to sell the man-made chemicals even after becoming aware of the dangers to both humans as well as the environment. They used these chemicals to cool their equipment for many years, up until the 1970's. Studies show these chemicals can last for decades in the environment.

  • A company should take care of their waste

    According to the city of Portland, this agriculture company is dumping in the river. They should not be able to do this, and should be held responsible for improper waste management. By letting their actions go unpunished, it sends a message that companies can do what they please, regardless of the ecological troubles it causes.

  • Yes. Monsanto should be held soley accountable.

    Monsanto has proven on many occasions that they are only concerned with money, and has no concern for the environment, human health, or the financial standing of others. Because of their history of exploiting everyone in their way alone, they should be held accountable for any negligence Portland can prove.

  • Yes, Monsanto was the only producer of toxic PCBs.

    Yes, Monsanto should be held solely accountable for the contamination of these waterways. The chemicals which have polluted Portland waterways, as well as those of other West Coast cities, were produced and distributed solely by Monsanto. Furthermore, Monsanto continued to sell PCBs even after it was determined that these chemicals were harmful to both the environment and humans, demonstrating a lack of concern for the effects the chemicals would have.

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