CIty of Portland vs Monsanto: Is Monsanto really to blame for contamination crisis?

  • Yes, Monsanto used PCB's for decades.

    Monsanto for decades has been trying to increase profits by using PCB's and is the only company in the state to do so. The City of Portland will show in court that the PCB's are the main reason for the contamination the city has experienced. These substances have been found in riverbank sediment and in the drinking water supply. This is another case of gross negligence on the part of Monsanto for many years and they should be responsible for the clean up effort.

  • Yes, Monsanto was the only producer of the toxic contaminate found in Portland's waterways.

    It seems clear that Monsanto is to blame for the contamination crisis in Portland. Monsanto was the only producer of the PCB chemical that was found in Portland's waterways. They manufactured one billion pounds of it between the 1930s and 1970s. The company's internal documents show they knew that the chemical caused cancer, yet still continued to produce it. In addition to Portland, there are also seven other cities on the west coast that are suing Monsanto for the harm that their toxic waste has done to humans and wildlife.

  • No, I do not think that Monsanto is the only party to blame for the water contamination crisis.

    No, I do not think that Monsanto is the only party to blame for the water contamination crisis because state legislators are also at fault for failing to ensure that Monsanto wasn't polluting the water system. Although Monsanto needs to take more of blame because they knowingly continued their operations even though they knew the environmental repercussions, I believe that state lawmakers also have to take steps to ensure that their citizens are safe.

  • There is shared blame

    Both Portland and Monsanto looked the other way. It's a mix of politicians that didn't want to address problems and didn't take action soon enough. It's easy to point blame after the fact, but the truth is that politicians from both government locations passed the buck and refused to take responsibility for the problems.

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