• Yes they are

    They are greatly underfunded. I think that we should be involved in world affairs with a military force. We should also be giving the military more funding. We are the worlds only Super power and we should have a military that backs that statement up. The world was never unsafe because America was too strong. Also please refrain from saying the military leaps into everything, the government tells the military to get into everything.

  • Yes the Armed Forces of the United States are greatly overextended.

    The U.S. Armed Forces are overextended, both personnel and equipment are in short supply. Winding down after 12-years of the Global War on Terrorism (GWT). Forced budget cuts for replacement equipment and manpower reductions have left the military unable to fight two war at the same time and meet security requirements worldwide.

  • US military jump in too quickly

    Yes, the US military is overextended due to a tendency to leap into every possible conflict without thinking of the consequences. Too much eagerness to get involved in every crisis abroad leads to military personnel being deployed all over the globe so America is frequently fighting a war on many fronts.

  • We have bases in so many countries

    We have bases in so many countries across the world that are just as prosperous, more-so according to some statistics, and I think that it is not quite right that we are doing that. With so many bases, even a large military like ours is going to be overextended, especially when we've got heavy obligations to Iraq, Afghanistan, and helping to keep the peace at the North and South Korean borders.

  • Yes, the military cannot take on any more.

    Even with the war on terror ending and troops being pulled out of war zones I still believe that the military is very overextended. With unrest all over the world, people are clamoring to have the United States become involved. In order for the military to take on every crisis it would have to at least triple in size.

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