City people are more cultured than country people

  • THEY are moore culturedd

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  • City people are good in culture

    City life is better in cultured. Country is also good in culture but city life is more better. I believe that city people are too much cultured than country people. . Our country is bangladesh but my city is sylhet our city is more cultured than country. And i like this topic

  • What a silly premise.

    No city people are not more cultured than country people. You can argue that people who live in more populated areas are more diverse culturally, When compared to more rural areas where people are much more community oriented which leads people to be more culturally homogeneous. But the idea that people in the city are "more" cultured is just a flawed premise to begin with since it is a misleading presumption.

  • Depends on definition.

    If your talking about the definition " artificially nurtured or grown" then the answer is obviously yes as little in cities is actually natural. Even Central Park in N. Y. C. Was man made right down to the boulders and the placement of the trees and ponds.
    If your talking about the definition " enlightened, Refined " then I have meet more urban people who have been enlighten than city dwellers who just tend to follow along with what the crowd believes.

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