Civil disobedience: Can national laws break "universal" laws, justifying civil disobedience?

  • Not all laws are just

    Laws are usually justified in being created for a reason, but are not always just. For instance, in the case of Edward Snowden, he did what Declaration of Independence told him to do. Our forefathers understood better than anyone in this country today, how laws can be misused to subdue the will of the people.

  • Civil Disobedience is always an option

    Civil Disobedience plays an important part in the history of the USA and countless countries across the world. When a people feel that a certain inalienable right is being alienated, they most frequently turn to disobedience - and civil disobedience is a popular option. Those who do not support the federal government have legal loopholes where they can not pay taxes to it. Those who don't want to pay sales tax don't purchase taxable items from stores.

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