Civil disobedience: Has civil disobedience proved successful in history?

  • Civil disobedience has proved successful in history.

    Civil disobedience has proved successful in history. The civil rights movement in the United States is a great case study on how civil disobedience can be a useful tool in getting some thing accomplished. Sit-ins and the like did what many thought was an impossible thing- giving African Americans the rights they deserved.

  • oh very sucessful

    to sum it up civil disobedience has shown that 'I am right and I will prove my point in a civilized manner" It's a powerful thing. All the great leaders of the a movement have used civil disobedience. I will note Malcolm X however, because his philosophy was interestind and understandable

  • Civil disobedience is damaging to our political system

    Being disobedient is disturbing to others and infringes on their rights. There are processes built into political systems designed to bring about change. These are the better option, although they may take more time to result in change. It is worth the wait when it comes to following laws that were made to protect and serve the people.

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