Civil unions vs. gay marriage: Are civil unions a good compromise to gay marriage?

  • Civial unions should provide all the same benefits.

    Provided the civil union provides all the the same rights as marriage, I would consider it marriage. I don't care what it is called as long as the rights are the same. Heterosexual couples that don't marry in a church are having a civil union, but people call it a marriage. As long as it is treated equally it should not matter. However, if people make a point to call it a civil union in a negative way, or attempt to make it seem different, then hetero couples that aren't married in a church should be treated the same way.

  • There should be no compromises

    A civil union is another way of maintaining discriminatory practices against homosexuals. If there is any decision as to whether to marry gay couples, it should be allowed to the church, but NOT the state. This is as vile as not allowing interracial marriage. Legalize gay marriage, allow it, and end discrimination.

  • No they are not.

    Civil Unions are almost mocking gay people when offering them the choice of either getting one or not being considered together at all. If they choose to get married they should be allowed to endure everything that married couples go through with the same certificates that married couples do. All people should be treated equally.

  • No I don't think so.

    I do not feel that civil unions is a good compromise to gay marriage. Gay people deserve the same rights as straight people. A civil union is not the same thing as marriage. It is close but no cigar. They should be able to get a license and be married, the same as straight people.

  • No civil unions are not a good compromise to gay marriage

    Compromising from marriage to civil union for a couple is obscene. It says to them that they may have some of the legal rights of a straight couple but our society still condemns them for being different. It is a prudish way of instilling religious and prehistoric societal constraints of on the will of an entire class of people who want nothing more than equal rights.

  • They Are Not The Same

    Civil unions are not the same a marriage. I do find it fair to make homosexuals settle for civil unions, because they often provide no benefits, which is what some people are fighting for. People who identify as homosexual should not have to compromise. They are people and they deserve their rights.

  • Civil unions are not a good compromise to gay marriage.

    Civil unions are not a good compromise to gay marriage. The reason that gay people want the rights to be married would be for the future benefits of what is entitled to the marriage certificate. They want to be able to make decisions as any other couple could make between them.

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