Civil unions vs. gay marriage: Do civil unions offer sufficient equality to gays?

  • Yes, it is the same thing.

    Yes, civil unions offer sufficient equality to gays, because a civil union is the same thing as a marriage. A heterosexual couple that gets married at the courthouse is entering into a civil union, just like the homosexual couple before them. Each church should have the right to marry who they want to. But from the government's perspective a union is a union, regardless of the genders of the participants.

  • Yes, civil union is like marriage but doesn't force religious organizations into what they see as sin.

    It isn't necessary for churches to recognize homosexuals for them to act like a married couple. I think a civil union provides the tax exemptions and media coverage they are looking for. So why is it necessary for anything else? Maybe just to destroy religion in America. Government should not be involved in marriage.

  • They absolutely do not offer sufficient equality

    Down to the very core of what a civil union is, it is still attempting to be 'separate but equal,' which was ruled unconstitutional in 1954. Furthermore, it is still telling homosexual couples that they don't deserve the same rights as straight couples. This is not okay, particularly because it is all done out of a root of religion. Religion is church. Church and state must be separate. However, the state gives tax breaks to married couples. In a sense, it is supporting their religious union. So, marriage needs to be one of two things: Completely ignored by the government, OR legal for everyone, even gay couples. Furthermore, section one of the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution states that all citizens of the country must be given equal treatment in the eyes of the law.

    Open and shut case, in my eyes.

  • Everyone Deserves Equal Rights

    Civil unions aren't the same as getting married. Otherwise, there would be no distinction between the two. Civil unions do not offer sufficient equality to gays because everyone in America deserves the same rights as everyone else. If gays can only have civil unions, then heterosexuals should only have civil unions as well.

  • Civil unions are not the same as marriage

    Civil unions do provide certain benefits and a legal status for partners. However, " Marriage is a unique legal status conferred by and recognized by governments all over the world. It brings with it a host of reciprocal obligations, rights and protections. It is also a cultural institution. No other word has that power and no other status can provide that protection." Those protections include: Family Medical Leave, Social Security death and disability benefits, COBRA protection, access to IRA benefits after a spouse's death as well as federal and state tax exemptions. Ultimately, marriage is the only federally recognized formal union that gives gay couples the same status, recognition and protection as straight couples.


  • Civil Unions Are Not Sufficient

    Civil unions are not sufficient in the endeavor of offering sufficient equality to gay people as it is not "Marriage". Gay people are asking for the right to marry, and have been offered "Civil unions" instead. This is not equal to what their desire is and is thusly not sufficient.

  • No, They Do Not

    Marriage and civil unions are not the same and any heterosexual couple could tell you this. It is not the same level commitment and it does not give the same benefits or statuses of marriage. I do not think it would be fair to restrict homosexual couples to civil unions.

  • Separate But Equal Is Not Equal

    The very fact that civil unions are not considered to be marriages is evidence that gay couples do not receive the same treatment as those allowed to marry. Regardless of the rights conveyed through civil union, there is a positive connotation to marriage that gay couples in states that don't permit gay marriage cannot enjoy.

  • America always equal?

    It is not the same thing at all. It allows for all of the same rights as a marriage without the title. Therefore I do not believe that it is equal at all. It is just a way that the bible fanatic's can feel safe about themselves and still appease everyone.

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