Civil unions vs. gay marriage: Do faiths define marriage a certain way, and does this matter?

  • Yes, faiths define marriage a certain way and this matters.

    Faiths have different views than popular society of defining marriage. Churches believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. This matters in the eyes of God and the law, which of course is changing. The Bible does say that it is wrong for people of the same sex to get married.

  • Yes. i believe faiths define marriage a certain way, and it does matter.

    Yes. I believe faith define marriage a certain way, and it does matter. All faiths define marriage as, between a man, and a women. America, which defines itself as a nation under god. If Americans are honest about that fact. Then we should practice what we preach. The bible describes marriage as a union between male, and female. I believe we should enforce those beliefs.

  • I think so

    I think that civil unions and gay marriages should stand for the same thing. They should mean the same thing. Each one should allow the participants to be spouses. I think that different religions define marriage in different ways. Some religion defines marriage and a union between a man and a woman. If that is the case and they do not want to change, then it should be ok for them to deny gay marriages, as long as there are other ways homosexuals can get married. Everyone deserves that right.

  • Some Faiths Do

    I believe some faiths and religious organizations do define marriage a certain way, as a man and woman; but I do not believe these definitions should matter. The marriage rights homosexual people are seeking are based within government systems and legal rights of benefits. Since church and state are suppose to separate, the government should not take religious definitions into consideration.

  • No it does not matter

    If two people like to be together and love each other that is all that matters. People who are heterosexual have certain benefits in marriage that gay people can not get in certain states. They should have the same benefits as everyone else. Religion from many centuries ago is too outdated to determine this.

  • Faiths do not define marriage a certain way and this should not matter.

    Faiths do not define marriage a certain way and this should not matter. We got to start facing the fact that the world is evolving around us and we should not be quoting sections of the bible that was written 3000 years ago. We should try to adapt and embrace the changes.

  • No, It Does Not Matter

    Different faiths do define marriage in a specific way, but this should not matter when it comes to the legality of marriage. The constitution was designed to protect the citizens of our country from a government sponsored religion, and therefore religious definitions of marriage should not be considered when deciding the legality of gay marriage.

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