Claritin was made available over-the-counter in 2002. Should other medications follow the trend?

  • Yes They Should

    I believe there are many older medicines that would be appropriate to switch over to over-the-counter. Given that people can access information on medicines and health issues so easily over the Internet I think it's possible for some people to select their own medications. I certainly wouldn't say everyone is capable, but not all drugs are ultra dangerous either.

  • More non-narcotic medications should be available over-the-counter.

    More non-narcotic medications should be available over the counter. This would eliminate some of the rising healthcare costs. It would also alleviate the strain that some medical professionals claim is being placed on their services, particularly with the implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act. Since many medications, such as Claritin, pose only minimal danger to consumers, safety would not be a compromise.

  • Like Claritin, other medications should be available over-the-counter.

    Some medications should be approved for over the counter sale, like Claritin was. If the medication has a low possibility of abuse or addiction, and low risk to health, it should be available over the counter with no prescription. It makes sense to restrict new medications to prescription only status. But as time goes by, more data is collected about the new medication and its interaction with the majority of people. If after a few years the drug shows to be useful, have low possibility of abuse/addiction, and a low risk to personal health, then it should be available over the counter for adults to purchase. There is no sense in restricting medication if it is not very dangerous.

  • Yes, prescriptions add cost and reduce access.

    Yes, I think as many drugs as possible should be made available over the counter. There are many drugs which have minimal side effects and so would be suitable for direct sale. Keeping these drugs on prescription causes fewer people to have access to them, and makes them very much more expensive when you include the cost of your doctor writing a prescription.

  • Certain medications are controlled for a reason

    There are various medications that can be used for reasons beyond the intended way. Opiates are great for pain management but are highly addictive and can lead to many social and medical issues if not used as intended. This is the reason they are not over-the-counter. If the FDA decides that a product is safe for unfettered access, then that is how it can be distributed.

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