Clash of civilizations: Is Samuel Huntington's "clash of civilizations" theory accurate?

  • Yes, civilizations are the primary source of conflict.

    Yes, Samuel Huntington's clash of civilizations theory is accurate, because ideological, cultural, and political differences are the major source of conflict in today's world. Most of the conflicts today are on cultural and ideological lines. Conflicts are fought not for who can control certain land, but rather they are fought for what people believe and whether other people should believe and act the same way.

  • It is inaccurate

    This idea that the "Western world" (whatever that is) and the "Islamic world" are going to clash and fight some battle to the death is simply ridiculous, for so many reasons. Muslims in "the West" and indeed around the world are liberalizing and secularizing anyway, and fastly adopting modern norms and cultural attitudes.

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