Classroom learning (yes) vs. online learning (no).

  • Classroom Learning Advantages!

    The education departments have to teach their staff lesson and that good stuff. Let's look at the negative's response, they say that the internet is true. But really, we need to look at the negatives about the internet. First off, the internet can contain lies that will make your children know the wrong things. Second of all, not everyone has internet, so that means not everyone can look at the internet for assistance, which is why we have teachers. Third of all, the internet contains viruses that can easily get into your computer. Not everyone can afford a virus searcher and your children clicks on any link they find. Therefore, making it easy for viruses to get into your computer.

    That's why classroom schooling is better than internet.

  • Online Education, e-learning, distance learning

    E-learning is utilized by public K–12 schools and Higher education colleges and universities now been adopted and used by various companies to educate their staff and professionals, also an important need for high-quality health information. So if your are a student or a professional these online resources are helpful to you.

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jenifferhype says2014-03-19T05:27:37.973
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