• Kershaw's No-Hitter: Best in history

    No one since Clayton Kershaw has been able to perform the no-htitter over and over again. Sure, some have come close, but he was King of the bunch. For that reason he has my vote for best pitching in history. Also he had an immense amount of class on the field.

  • Yes, Clayton Kershaw's no-hitter is the best pitching in history.

    Clayton Kershaw's no-hitter against the Colorado Rockies is the best pitching in the history of baseball. Kershaw didn't give up any hits or runs during the game. It is my opinion that Kershaw's consistency throughout the entirety of the game is what makes his performance one that is overshadowed by no other pitcher.

  • It was just the most recent.

    No, Clayton Kershaw's no-hitter was not the best pitching in history, even though it was very good. There have been many amazing no-hitters and it's hard to compare any one event to the others. His is just on our minds because it is the most recent in our memory. But he still did an amazing job and deserved the Gatorade they poured on him.

  • No don't think it was the best pitching in history

    Although I think it was a amazing accomplishment I do not think you can see it was the best pitching in history. A no hitter has been done before and without knowing all the other stats of pitchers who have done it in the past don't feel that you can say he was the best.

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