Clemson University bans references to harambe. Are we taking racism seriously enough?

  • Censoorship has gone too far

    Censorship has gone too far. Banning speech is only accomplishing one thing -- making people become more extreme in their own thinking. While making tasteless references to people as gorillas (like Harambe) is wrong, such speech shouldn't be censored. If there were references made to white people that were derogatory it generally will not cause the speech to be banned. Racism against minorities is more than taken seriously enough.

  • I think we take racism very seriously

    Unfortunately racism appears to be imbedded in our society. Not only in the United States but abroad as well. I feel racism is taken seriously and now with social media we see how realistic it is still to this day. We have become more aware of it and how deeply rooted it is in our society and should help us to fight it more as time passes.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    racial categories change over time in response to new historical and political circumstances.” Perhaps so, but racism is a term of law, and until the law is changed, the meaning of the term is fixed . DEFINITIONS OF RACISM: The UN convention against all forms of racism defines racism as discrimination based on “colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin”. It makes no mention of religion.

  • We don't take racism seriously enough.

    Clemson University have banned mention of Harambe because the image of the dead gorilla has been evoked in order to harass black people, primarily women, mainly on social media. While some will see this as a trivial and silly thing to do, and indeed Harambe has been used for many internet memes that had nothing to do with racism, it is a gesture towards making women of colour feel safe in public spaces that will be welcomed. That this is not seen as a particularly important goal demonstrates that there is still much to do.

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