• Because Clemson is the best

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  • Clemson is strong but not as.

    Clemson is a strong team with an undefeated record. The problem with Clemson is the only teams I've seen them beat that are traditionally good, did not perform very well this year. Alabama is always a consistent team and has a great defense, I just don't see Clemson being any better than FSU last year.

  • Defense wins championships

    Alabama is by far the best team of the 2015-16 college football season. If the 38-0 rout of Michigan State in the CFP semifinal, then maybe the other top defensive statistics should be enough. Only 2 teams have scored more than 20 points on Bama, they beat ranked teams that include Florida, Tennessee, Wisconsin, LSU, and possibly Mississippi state and Arkansas. They also are number 2 nationally in total defense.

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