Cleveland Cavaliers lose to the Golden State Warriors: Was Kyrie Irving's performance the main reason?

  • Yes, Kyle Irvings performance was a factor.

    I do think that Kyle Irving's poor performance is he reason that Golden State convincingly beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in game 1 of the NBA finals. All throughout the playoffs Kyle Irving has been the team member to create a spark and play with a high level of energy. It seemed like he was flat from the get go in game 1.

  • Not totally his fault, but he certainly didn't help!

    There is no doubt that the Golden State Warriors are an impressive team. As a Cavaliers fan, I knew they would have their work cut out for them if they wanted to beat the Warriors. Kyrie could not make a shot; he continually missed important moments. I don't know that it was the main reason, but I know Kyrie along with some of the others just were not playing well.

  • Kyrie Irving's play on defense is why the Cavaliers lost Game One.

    The Cleveland Cavaliers lost Game One of the NBA Finals 104-89. Golden State's marquee players did not put up the same numbers as they had during their record breaking season, but instead the Warriors' players Livingston, Barbosa, and Barnes finished with 44 points combined. The common denominator for all this offensive production was that the Cav's Kyrie Irving was guarding each of them when they scored. His poor defense was a huge factor in the outcome of the game.

  • No it was not.

    The entire team didn't have it together. The last time I checked, basketball was a team sport not a one man show. If one of the players is playing weak, the others must step up their game. They lost to a better team that night. Better Get back to practicing.

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