Climate Change protesters flood Wall Street investors Monday: Are the climate change protesters the new Occupy movement?

  • The Occupy Movement is dead

    The Climate Change Protesters could be the new Occupy movement so long as they can maintain their momentum and inspire the hearts of the masses. Unfortunately, the Occupy movement and related groups such as Anonymous failed to maintain the progress they had achieved for the cause. Keep it up guys!

  • No, the climate change protesters are not the new Occupy movement

    No, the climate change protesters are not the new Occupy movement in my opinion because they were not speaking with one united voice. I thought that the Occupy movement was about one thing and one thing only, economic justice. This group of protesters do not seem to act as one. They seem to represent their own best interests. Their leaders are not the ordinary people but hypocritical movie stars who do not practice what they preach.

  • No, the Climate Change protest and Occupy movements refer to different topics.

    The climate change protesters on Wall Street are not the new Occupy movement. The climate change protesters are protesting climate changes and are concerned about protecting our environment while the Occupy movement protesters are protesting financial greed and corruption. The two arguments and issues are very different and are not interchangeable.

  • Climate change protestors are not the new Occupy movement

    I don't believe that climate change protesters are the new Occupy movement. Although both could be considered "protest movements," the Occupy movement's focus was much broader than the focus of the climate change protesters. Climate change protesters are pinpointing a specific issue and taking direct action in the form of public protest, while the Occupy movement was unsustainable owing to the too-broad nature of its focus. In essence, the Occupy movement wanted to change systemic issues through protest; climate change protesters are using public gatherings as a way to lobby the existing system to promote change. Because of these differences, the climate change protesters are not the new Occupy movement.

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