Clinton "dead broke" leaving White House. Is this political propaganda in order to run for office?

  • Does she do anything else?

    Yes, Clinton claiming that she was dead broke leaving the White House is political propaganda, because she just needs to justify the fact that she accepts such large amounts of money for speaking. Hilary tries to make herself out to be a commoner, but we all know that she is a very powerful, connected politician.

  • Clinton Claims to be Broke for Political Gains

    Clinton is selling her party and its voters a sob story turned success to demonstrate her ability to govern The United States. It is political propaganda. Her and her husband came out of the White House with friends able to loan them 1.3 million for a home. Did they require such a lavish home after being broke?

  • No, the Clinton's story is just the facts.

    No, the Clinton's story isn't political propaganda- it's a real and rare look at the realities of life after presidency. While being president is obviously a highly paying job, being in the public eye inevitably results in needing to spend more money to present a certain image. The Clinton's story, if anything, is a cautionary tale.

  • Everyone is saying that everything is propoganda.

    This is crazy. Everything that Clinton does or says is considered part of her evil plot to run for office. While I can't say for sure, somehow I doubt that she has a such a elaborate election plan. It seems like they compare her to an TV villain who is going to go into a diabolical rant about her plan when she is at her inauguration.

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