Clinton Election Team: Should the Clinton Election Team be involved in the Wisconsin recount?

  • Yes, absolutely it should.

    Yes, the Clinton Election Team needs to be involved in the vote recount effort in Wisconsin. They need to show that they've not thrown in the towel yet. With Clinton having more than 2 million votes above Trump, it is in her best interest to closely monitor the recount effort.

  • Yes, the Clinton Election Team should be involved in the Wisconsin recount.

    Yes, the Clinton Election Team should be involved in the Wisconsin recount because Clinton won the popular vote by more than two million votes. More people want her to be president and she should be given the opportunity to serve. If there is any doubt about the outcome, there should be a recount.

  • Yes it should

    Honestly, the election results aren't going to change, but since the Clinton team didn't instigate any of the recounts, there's no harm in them being involved to see what the numbers show. The popular vote discrepancy is pretty clear, and we're stuck with the angry orange man. The recount may give us some closure and maybe make him aware that he has no mandate.

  • The Words of Hilary Clinton:

    "Anyone who doesn't accept the results of an election is a threat to democracy."

    And here she is, proving HERSELF as that treat. What an insanely stupid woman... I don't know if she really is just that brain dead or if she thinks everyone in America is dumb enough to listen to her.

  • No, the Clinton Election Team should not be involved in the Wisconsin recount.

    No, the Clinton Election Team should leave the recount efforts in the hands of the Green Party's Jill Stein. By becoming involved in the recount in Wisconsin, Clinton's team is showing that it may not ultimately accept results of this month's presidential election and would threaten the recount's perceived impartiality.

  • Why should they?

    Remember 8 years ago when there were those bumperstickers that said "get over it" when obama won? Remember how clinton said anyone who doesn't support the results is a threat to the democracy? Remember how all the hillary supporters said the trump supporters are extremely dangerous and will terrorize people? I do. But who's not getting over it now? Who is being a hypocrite by not accepting the results? Who is burning the american flag and assaulting trump supporters? Who is not showing up to school and work because they feel "threatened"? Who cried after trump won? Oh that's right. Hillary Clinton and all her cronies.

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