Clinton email scandal: Should Hillary be charged if her server was hacked?

  • Yes, it would be her fault.

    She knew what she was doing was wrong and chose to disregard the rules anyways. She should be subject to the same stringent policies and laws that the average citizen is faced with. To blatantly put the country's security at risk is an unconscionable act for a presidential hopeful to engage in.

  • Yes, Clinton should be charged if her server was hacked

    I believe that the Clinton email scandal has gone out of control, and the hacking allegations are just another aspect of this. Clinton should definitely be charged if indeed her server was hacked. She did not provide adequate security for an email server she was not supposed to have in the first place, which compromises our national security.

  • If her served was hacked, it's not her fault

    How can you charge the hackee? Unless she knew her server would be hacked, or issued an open invitation to do so, it's not her fault. Plus the reports of this event appear to be unverified, and it's probably no coincidence that they appear on FOX news, and other right-leaning sites.

  • No, people who are hacked are victims, not criminals.

    When a person is hacked, he or she should not be held responsible. Technology is developing too rapidly to keep up with its legal repercussions but one thing that should remain constant is that hackers should be charged for compromising a person's data instead of the victim of the crime.

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