• Yes, she is dishonest, corrupt and has broken the law many times.

    Hillary Clinton is a liar and, yes, it really does matter. She lies about her marriage to Bill. She lies about her plastic surgeries. She lied about Benghazi causing someone go to prison for a film he made. She lied, lied and lied again about having classified emails on her private server. She lied about why thousands of emails were deleted from her server. She lied for her husband when he was accused of rape. She lied about her knowledge of what happened between Bill and Monica. Hillary lied about Whitewater and her involvement. And, this is what we know she lied about.

  • Yes, Hillary has lied about things.

    Absolutely, Hillary has been dishonest. The Clintons seem to have a unique gift to wriggle out of trouble by carefully framing their words. But, even though they do not get in trouble doesn't mean it is not wrong. She knew what she was doing was not on the up and up, and she decided to do it anyways.

  • Hillary Clinton is as dishonest as the day is long

    Hillary Clinton has done everything in her power, and the power of a willing and able media, to avoid taking on the server scandal. It is one of a long line of dishonest actions by this woman. The fact that she will likely be elected our next president says more about the abject stupidity of the voter than it does her.

  • Yes, I believe Hillary Clinton has been dishonest.

    I believe that Hillary Clinton has been dishonest because she is a politician and she is trying to be elected president of the United States. There is no way she, or any other politician in her position, could be 100% honest with the public. Clinton, along with her runningmates, are showing the public what they want to see in a future president.

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