Clinton has double-digit lead in new national poll. Is there any way for Trump to pull off a victory?

  • Yes, I think so.

    To squeak out a win, Mr. Trump would need to win over enough white working-class voters, particularly white men without a degree, to compensate for his weakness among well-educated voters and Hispanic Republican-leaners, and especially well-educated women. This is what the polls showed when Mr. Trump was in a close race or even ahead — as was the case in May or in early-to-mid July.

  • Yes, he could.

    Anything is possible. Until the election is actually over, nobody will really know who is going to win. The margin of error is much to large and the race is to close to really know who is actually leading. Also there is still another debate, and plenty of time for Trump to campaign against her.

  • I hope not

    Trumps morals and ect are simply wrong and all I can say is that I hope for America's sake he loses,this is coming to you from England.Good luck Clinton,America needs you more than anything at the moment because if trump wins then America has destroyed themselves.Thank you for hearing me out.

  • No, it's too late for Trump.

    Trump has done way too much damage during his short political career to get elected. His stubbornness and arrogance cost him in this election. His strategy worked in the Republican primary, because his comments and antics resonated with a lot of conservatives, but it does not resonate with a lot of liberals and independents. He failed to adjust his strategy for the general election, and now he has no chance of winning.

  • It is too late.

    The media saved lots of damaging things about Trump. They brought these things out right before the election. Even Paul Ryan and some of the other Republicans want Clinton to win the election. There is nothing Trump can do because the political machine has turned against him. There is too much negative press around him, and Clinton is protected by the politicians in power and the media.

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