Clinton leads Trump by four points in Florida. Will she win the state?

  • Yes, she will

    Yes, It is now quite obvious that Trump is not a president material - he has been too irresponsible in his statements and doings that I don't really know anyone who takes him for serious. How can he be a president if acting like some kind of a joker? Hilary will win the elections.

  • Yes, Florida voters will support Clinton.

    Yes, although Florida generally trends Republican, Clinton will win the state this November. Much has been said about how Trump does not truly represent the values of the Republican party. Nor does he uphold the Christian values of many in the Republican party. Florida voters know that Trump will not look after their best interests. Clinton, on the other hand, is a moderate Democrat who will bring balance in the face of Trump's extremism.

  • Yes it possible for her to win

    We can say with this result it really possible that she can win the November election .Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 4 points in the first likely Florida voter poll taken after their first presidential debate, which the Democrat was widely credited with winning. Clinton is pulling slightly more support from Democrats (among whom she leads Trump 83-10 percent) than Trump does from Republicans (among whom he is ahead of her by 77-13 percent). One potentially troubling sign for Clinton: Trump beats her among independent voters by 41-33 percent.

  • The debates won't put Hillary Clinton in the White House

    The debates won't get the Clintons back in the white house but..." Virginia...Democrat....... Governor Restores Voting Rights to Felons - Apr 22, 2016 · Virginia Governor Restores Voting Rights to ... And an estimated 44,000 former prisoners who are ... To restore voting rights to felons, ..." The ...
    "President Obama Commutes the Sentences of 214 Additional People... "
    All of these former felons will vote for, guess which political party..... , the failure to purge the deceased from the voter rolls, The dead will vote for democrats, again and again, just as they do in all elections, failure to require Photo IDs and of course "ACORN." The debates won't put Hillary Clinton in the White House but pardons, Acorn, etc, the deceased will.

  • A slight lead does not guarantee a win by Clinton in Florida state.

    At this point, neither party should assume a win. In Florida, the democrats have a very slight lead. That could easily change. She has not won until the election is over. To assume that Clinton will win the state because of 4 points is foolish. She needs to continue to work hard to sway the undecided voters.

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