Clinton maintains double-digit (51% vs. 36%) lead over Trump. Will Trump go away quietly if he loses in a landslide?

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  • Go away quietly??

    Trump won't go away quietly and for good reason! Hillary is a snake! She is a pathetic liar that should have never been allowed to even run for president. While Trump may not be the best person for president, he tells it like it is and doesn't lie to "the people" just to get a vote. Watch the nation crumble even more if she gets elected. Very sad.

  • No, Trump will likely never go away quietly.

    Donald Trump enjoys bragging about himself, and boasting his self image. He thrives on people discussing him, and admiring him, and I would not expect him to go away quietly for any reason. He is already attempting to frame the media for their potential influence in the election, so I consider that setting the ground for his defense if he loses. I suspect if Trump loses, he will say the election was rigged, and provide a long laundry list of conspiracy theories with no merit.

  • No, Trump will not go away quietly if he loses in a landslide.

    No, Trump will not go away quietly if he loses in a landslide because he will simply say it was rigged. He cannot stand to lose to a woman so he will do whatever it takes to bring down the democratic system with him. He needs the attention too much.

  • No, Trump doesn't do anything quietly.

    No, Trump won't be quiet about a loss. If he loses in a landslide, which I really hope he does, he will continue to whine and complain. He'll say the elections were rigged. He'll say crooked politicians and the media cheated and conspired against him and his so-called "movement." He does not do things quietly or in a dignified manner.

  • No, he will not.

    He will not go away quietly. Not only this, but 51% to 36% is not exactly a landslide. Clinton only has a simple majority according to the polls, and while Trump seems to be losing followers, it would take a lot more to call it a landslide. Trump will not let this go.

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