Clinton reportedly misrepresented Sanders' immigration vote. Do you think she did?

  • Clinton should not compare her own immigration policy to Sanders' policy

    Clinton aims to fix America's broken immigration system. Border control, for example, is a complicated issue to deal with in itself. So is the protection of millions of undocumented immigrants already living in the U.S. She is siding towards the idea of giving illegal immigrants the right to vote, much to the disapproval of the Republicans. Sanders is somewhere in the middle. Sanders did not approve of immigration reform, yet it is misleading to say that Sanders does not support the Latino community, or not support positive immigration reform -- in 2016. It is a big issue to deal with. Perhaps Clinton should stick with her own plans, and not refer to outdated political views of her opponents.

  • Of course, Clinton misrepresented Sanders' immigration vote

    Hillary Clinton absolutely misrepresented Bernie Sanders' immigration vote. The woman is a habitual liar and as dishonest as the day is long. She will say and do anything to make her way to the White House. As long as she has a willing and able press to ver her lies and dishonesty, she will win the election.

  • Clinton knows that Sanders is gaining support among Latino voters, so she misrepresented his immigration vote.

    Because Sanders is becoming more popular among Latino voters, Clinton intentionally misrepresented his immigration vote to make him look bad. While he may have indeed voted against the immigration bill while Clinton voted for it, she did not disclose all the facts. Sanders voted against the bill because in its proposed state it was not in the best interests of Latinos.

  • Clinton misrepresented Sanders' immigration vote.

    A vote for or against any bill often has a lot of nuances beyond just the basics of the bill. Attacking someone based on single vote for a single bill while ignoring their voting record as a whole is extremely misleading. Clinton wants people to believe that Bernie Sanders is anti-immigration based on a single vote.

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