Clinton staffers head to DNC: Should a political candidate's staffers be allowed to continue onto a political party's convention?

  • Yes, a political candidate's staffers should be allowed to continue on to the political party's convention.

    It should be no surprise that some of Hillary Clinton's campaign staffers will be heading to the DNC. There has always been a lot of coordination between the Clinton campaign and the DNC. Staffers working for political candidates have to make a living just like everyone else. Therefore, campaign staffers should be allowed to move between organizations for employment.

  • They are the ones who stuck with it.

    The staffers who worked on Hillary Clinton's campaign should carry over into the real thing. For the simple reason that they stuck it out this long. To get rid of these people for new people would be a slap in the face to these people who have dedicated their time to this cause.

  • Clinton: Please Stop

    It is not secret to anyone living within the United States that the Clinton's have created their own rules. I do not believe that Clinton should be allowed to continue onto a political party's convention. This could be a major advantage over another candidate that did not do so. Clinton: Please stop.

  • Staffers should not be allowed to continue to their convention

    Even though the primaries have not yet been completed, it seems as though Hilary Clinton has begun her campaign for the general election. Hillary's campaign staff have transitioned directly to the Democratic National Committee. The Democratic party has become one giant pro-Hillary machine. It is a shameless yet amazing strategy to bolster more votes for the general election. However, no presumptive candidate should have this kind of leverage.

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