Clinton takes four point lead in Florida: Do you think this winning streak will get her in the White House?

  • Yes, this winning streak will get her into the White House.

    Yes, this winning streak will get her into the White House because she will continue to win the debates, and there are still two left. She will not let Trump push her around and she always keeps a level head during the debates. She will prove she is the better candidate.

  • Clinton's lead bodes well for her campaign

    Hillary Clinton has now taken a four point lead in the crucial state of Florida. This indicates that she's likely to continue onto the White House if she is able to sustain such positive numbers. I look forward to seeing her numbers rise across America, no matter if the state is considered "important" for the election or not.

  • Yes, Clinton is a strong contender in the states that matter during an election.

    It has always been an issue that whomever is able to gain the support of Florida voters will be elected to the White House. Clinton holds strong support among women, minorities, and the middle class workers. Older voters are supporting Trump and his campaign for President. However, I feel this issue has more to do with traditional values, such as seeing a female president, than it does actual support for the efforts of the candidates.

  • The Debates won't put the Clinton's back in The White House

    The debates won't get the Clintons back in the white house but..." Virginia...Democrat....... Governor Restores Voting Rights to Felons - Apr 22, 2016 · Virginia Governor Restores Voting Rights to ... And an estimated 44,000 former prisoners who are ... To restore voting rights to felons, ..." The ...
    "President Obama Commutes the Sentences of 214 Additional People... "
    All of these former felons will vote for, guess which political party..... , the failure to purge the deceased from the voter rolls, The dead will vote for democrats, again and again, just as they do in all elections, failure to require Photo IDs and of course "ACORN." The debates won't put Hillary Clinton in the White House but pardons, Acorn, etc, the deceased will.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    They are all neo-liberal in Congress, right across the world, in fact, not just Conservatives [what a misnomer that is]. The EU is falling apart because of neo-liberal economic policies. We will follow, but first, it seems we have to crash, big time.
    I just hope we don’t take the planet down with us, because that is a very real option. When you are hungry, even a cockroach looks like dinner.Trump is only different, a vain hope? In that he’s not been bought by the 0.1% but just maybe will act a bit more independently than the Clintons,Obama,and the Bushes. An unknown unknown.

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