Clinton tied with Trump in latest poll: Does Trump have a shot at beating Clinton in the election?

  • Public Information and Funding Will Win Election

    Trump has the groundswell of support of the working class and poor. He also has the means to reach more voters thru social media and turn the tide against Hillary Clinton. The amount of public information about Clinton's bad decisions and choices will out her at the voting booths in November.

  • Yes, unfortunately Donald J. Trump has a legitimate shot at the presidency.

    Yes, Donald Trump, has a very good chance of beating Hillary Clinton in November's general election. As tragic or sad as that might seem, Hillary's email scandal is going to haunt her and very likely cost her the White House. Also, the fact that a large segment of American voters seem tired and disgusted of the so-called establishment seems to indicate Trump in inching closer and closer to the presidency.

  • It's gonna be tight.

    Me being conservative, I'm all for Trump. I have to say though that when the polls say it's tight, it definitely is. Clinton and Trump are the only ones left on both sides of the coin. The voters are basically picking between conservatism and liberalism. Some are not even voting at all.

  • Yes, Trump has a chance.

    Trump has a small number of vocal supporters, and they are working hard to convince as many people as they can that he is the right man for the job. This could be a close race depending on what happens in the next few months and who turns up at the polls.

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