Clinton vs. Obama: Who is the better candidate, Hillary Clinton (yes) or Barack Obama (no)?

  • Two Term Limit

    For who is a better candidate for a presidential election, Hillary Clinton would win hands down. One major reason is that Barack Obama has already been elected for two presidency's, and term limits for president are for two terms. Second, Hillary would not only gain the youth voters, but would also bring in woman voters.

  • Yes, Clinton is better educated on economic issues.

    Yes, Clinton is a better candidate than Obama, because Obama is not as studied on domestic economic issues as Clinton. Clinton's husband was very successful in terms of the domestic economy, and Hillary is equally capable of improving the U.S. economy. Clinton is also a skilled negotiator with many friends in Washington, and would be an effective leader for the country.

  • Hillary is a Woman.

    Is there really anything else to say about this? Believe me, I know this sounds sexist, but ever since America has even started, women have been considered too fragile and to controlled by emotions to even be in politics. Women don't have the will to make the decisions a president has to make.

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