• I dont have time to up with anything original

    Teach Bible as history & literature; not science or religion. (Apr 2015)
    Let's get back to schools where kids are socialized. (Apr 2015)
    OpEd: Common Core recycled from Clintons in 1980s and 1990s. (Jun 2013)
    Parents are a child’s first teachers. (Jan 2008)
    We have not yet reached consensus on education reform. (Sep 2007)
    It takes a village; American village has failed our children. (Jun 2007)
    Establish right to education from pre-school thru college. (Jun 2007)
    Early education affects things from IQ to lifelong earnings. (Dec 2006)
    2001: Proposed and passed National Teacher Corps. (Dec 2006)
    Teacher testing only for new teachers. (Oct 2000)
    Testing only new teachers respects professionalism. (Oct 2000)
    Teachers need more peer consulting & more recognition. (Jul 1999)
    Social promotion cheats our children. (Jul 1999)
    Read to young kids 20-30 minutes daily. (Jul 1999)
    Entire school staff should focus on school safety. (Jul 1999)
    Metal detectors at school are not much of an intrusion. (Jun 1999)
    Arts education is needed in our schools. (Sep 1998)
    Give kids after-school activities to prevent gangs. (Apr 1998)
    Allow student prayer, but no religious instruction. (Sep 1996)
    Character education: teach empathy & self-discipline. (Sep 1996)
    Supports Goals 2000: hardly the stuff of revolution. (Sep 1996)
    Supports structured inner-city schools, with uniforms. (May 1996)
    1960s: Taught reading in poor Boston neighborhoods. (Aug 1993)

  • Sanders is the best

    Clinton has been taking money for her election from big business, Their not giving her money for nothing, Sanders refuses to take money from large corporations and in stead has been getting all of his election cash from individuals who's supporting his message to end the legalized corruption in the United States.

    This is just one of many things that make him my choice when looking at democrats, (and for this time the election as a whole) epically when you look at Clinton's track recurred, which is riddled with incontinences, with what she says and votes on, her pretending to be what she is not (like a southerner) and she her old tendency to go along with everything that Obama said, This does not go well for her when the last election was called the choice of the lesser of two evils.

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