Clinton was a Wal-Mart supporter, Sanders is their enemy: Is Clinton a true supporter of the working class?

  • Put things in context.

    When Hillary Clinton was on the Wal-Mart board, it was well before it was even a national chain. In addition, she was the first lady of Arkansas. Helping a business grow in Arkansas grows the tax base for their residents. And that is good for the people there. What Wal-Mart looks like now leaves much to be desired, but Hillary is often held to past circumstances by today's standards and it's completely unfair. We need to take a step back and appreciate context more as a voting population, because when you do, you can find more substantive intentions rather than the surface level noise.

  • Clinton only supports votes

    Hillary Clinton, as well as other politicians, do not support working class people. Working class people so not provide financial support and therefore are a non entity to most politicians, Clinton included. The only thing she wants is working class votes and then, if elected, she will do what benefits her career.

  • She likes Wall Street

    Clinton has lived life in the upper class for far too long to be a supporter of the working class. She's had all the trappings of wealth and power for the last two or three decades and I doubt she can relate to the problems of the working class let alone support them in anything.

  • Clinton VS Sanders

    Clinton says she a supporter of the working class, saying that she will not raise taxes for households that earn over $250,000. However, that is not the working class. Sanders has been very vocal about higher taxes for the wealthy, which makes him the stand out supporter for working class.

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