Clinton wins DC primary: Would she be a more effective president than Barrack Obama?

  • Clinton would be more effective than Obama

    To be honest, I think any of the democratic hopefuls could do a better job than Obama in running the United States of America. Because she would be the first female president, I think she'd be compelled to make an impact on the country. She'd want to leave a legacy; one that probably would include fixing a major problem that exists in the country.

  • No, Hilary Clinton will not be a more effective president than Barrack Obama

    No, Hilary Clinton will not be a more effective president than Barrack Obama. Barrack Obama is a very effective president and no matter what Hilary Clinton does as president i do not believe that she will be more effective. Hilary Clinton should still become president. Donald Trump will have a negative effect on this country.

  • A Stalled American Government at Hand

    Should Clinton win the national votes of the Electoral College, America will be in a stalled growth pattern for another four years. Change between the parties is what keeps sections of the country moving forward. Democrats too long in office cause a stagnation in policies, growth and economy. The same can be said for the Republican candidate. Too long in power position leads to stagnation.

  • He said she said - I'm not so sure

    Hillary becoming president would be a huge milestone in American politics; however, the question as to whether she would be a more effective president than Barack Obama is up in the air. I think there are still a number of 'old school' countries that will not take lightly to dealing with a woman. That in itself, could possibly stymie her efforts.

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