Clinton's Confused Conscience: Has Hillary forgotten the lives lost in Benghazi?

  • I'm sure she don't care either way!

    She's only out for one thing right now, covering her ass and making up any excuse she can to baffle the USA voters into electing her President.
    I believe a woman should eventually become President, but not this one.
    She is a fake and a phony, the voters should see right thru her BS

  • Hillary Clinton is confused on Benghazi

    Then again, we all are! To debate, or pick a yay or nay, over any topic one should first have a clear, correct and concise idea of the problem centered over the debate. Then again, debating is a human nature, natural or learned, so lots of debates are founded on simple face value. In this particular debate I would have to say lives lost are forgotten and the debate is actually over the game of not being blamed for post-lives lost events.

  • Hillary pretends this is an unimportant subject

    Hillary pretends this is an unimportant subject, or that it doesn't exist. I rarely ever hear her even acknowledge any information about Benghazi. It's like she wants to be completely unaffiliated with her past actions. The lost lives are probably at the back of her mind, but far enough out of reach not to bother her too much.

  • Hi Friends, Welcome to 2018!!!

    Its goood to see so many young perverts in amarica making lives on the backs of jews. I hope too see all of you at my comicon convention. Im the display with the corpses. Be sure to subscribe to Hill hairy clit yum's new hit comedy, Emails from Hell. .

  • No, I do not think Hillary Clinton has forgotten the lives lost in Benghazi.

    No, I do not think Hillary Clinton has forgotten the lives lost in Benghazi because she has spoken on the issue so many times, and the incident still sticks with her even to this day. Clinton has had to testify and defend her position on the issue countless times, and I believe that she still remembers the incident.

  • No, Hillary has not forgotten the lives lost in Benghazi.

    As the Secretary of State at the time of the attacks at the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton should not be held responsible for the whims of terrorist attackers. To hold Clinton responsible is a political jab. Clinton could not personally have prevented the tragic loss of life that occurred.

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