Clinton's Financial Flubs: Did she already ruin her chances for election?

  • People don't take her seriously.

    Yes, Clinton already flubbed her chances for winning the presidency in 2016, because she already showed how out of touch she is with most Americans. She has mortgages, plural, and was whining about how hard it was to pay them. She whined that it was a bit of a challenge to pay for an elite college. Life is rough for Hilary Clinton (sarcasm).

  • The Clinton Name Still Has Power

    The Clinton's appear to have a magical way to brush off any scandal, and still come off fine, or even better. Bill came through allegations of affairs and drug use, and still managed to win the hearts of much of the nation. While Hilary may have a battle on her hands, I doubt this will count in the grand scheme of things.

  • Considering she's still the heavy favorite I'd say no

    Considering Hillary Clinton currently has better than 1 to 1 odds to win the Presidency in 2016 I'm sure she will be just fine. It will be difficult for her to lose the elections in 2016. The closest competitor right now (Marco Rubio) has 7 to 1 odds at best to beat Clinton.

  • Clinton Still a Prime Candidate

    Despite her serious missteps when referring to her financial situation, Hillary Clinton still has a very strong chance at the election. Though her statements make her look somewhat out of touch with the average American, there is a very long election cycle ahead and with many opportunities to make up for this error.

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