Clinton's nuclear advisor revealed to be top donor: Should the campaign finance rules be changed to limit "political gifts"?

  • Finance reform is needed.

    I think that campaign finance rules need a complete overhaul. There are way stricter rules regarding what you can and cannot give college athletes than what you can give to a potential president of the United States. This is ridiculous, and I am really tired of politicians being bought by gifts and money.

  • Yes, campaign finance rules should limit political gifts.

    Hillary Clinton's nuclear advisor at the state department was also one of her top donors. This concerning revelation demonstrates why campaign finance rules need to change in order to limit political gifts to officials. That way appointments are made based on qualifications, not political clout. In short, there should be limits on political gifts that can be made to officials, or political donors should be barred from appointments.

  • There should be strict regulations in regard to who can qualify as a donor to a candidate's campaign.

    Whenever money is involved in politics, there is fear of corruption and dishonesty. I believe that these concerns are just. We can not have trust in our political leaders if they are influenced by funding from individuals and organizations who are looking out for their own self-interest rather than the interest of the American people. Rules regarding campaign donors should reflect these concerns.

  • Yes, without caps, big donors have too much sway over politicians.

    Money has, and always will have, a huge amount of influence over politics. This means that corporations or people who have a lot of money also have the most say in politics. This was bad enough when there was a cap on how much any one person could donate to a campaign, but it got exponentially worse with the passing of Citizens United, which removed that cap. Now, big donors can throw as much money as they want at their chosen politician and get any legislation passed that they please, drowning out the wishes of the majority of Americans. This undermines the democratic process and too often goes against the wishes of the American people.

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