Clinton's popular vote lead breaks 2 million: Should their be a national audit of the vote count?

  • Yes there should

    If you take out the illegal alien vote, and the dead vote, and the vote in two different state vote, Trump would win the popular vote! Therefore I believe there should be an official audit of the vote tallies in every state. It's time to true the vote in all states.

  • It is rigged

    One of the only things I agree with the president elect is that the election was rigged. It just didn't turn out to be rigged in the way he was stating before the election. It makes you wonder if he thou protest too much since it is turning out Clinton had more votes.

  • Yes, there should be a national audit of the vote count.

    Yes, there should be a national audit of the vote count because we knew cyber attacks could destroy the election. Clinton won the election, but is somehow not president. The electoral college must be overturned. Far more people want her to be president than Trump, so why are we left with him?

  • More and more people have reason to be skeptical

    Not only is her lead greater than one would expect when losing the electoral college, but there have been several experts come forward claiming inconsistencies in the numbers. For example, in Wisconsin, statistical experts say that in the precincts where computerized voting was used, there is a disproportionate amount of votes for Trump than in places where it was not used. I say this should certainly be looked into.

  • It doesn't matter.

    Trump won according to the rules of the election. People who don't like those rules will come up with some way to complain about them. What matters is the electoral college. The popular vote doesn't matter. It only makes the losers more antagonistic and willing to riot in the streets. But it doesn't change the rightful winner.

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