Clooney engagement: Do you believe that Clooney's marriage to Amal Alamuddin will last?

  • Sure enough yes

    And why not..?
    I mean she's beautiful, and he's handsome
    She's successful in her career as a lawyer, and he's successful in his career as an actor and cinema star
    She seems so cute and lovely, and he is lovely and cute too
    Both are modest and people love them
    Plus, there is this chemistry between them..!
    And sure enough she is not a gold digger as some people say
    I mean she can't be..!
    She had her own money, and her name in the professional legal community even before meeting George Clooney.
    Together they compose the perfect couple

  • It does not have a good feel about it

    In the photos you can clearly see Clooney has his doubts. I can see him being slaughtered in the divorce courts.I just don't see her career as a lawyer working out with his lifestyle and at some point something will give and if she can walk with a big payout she is going to take it. Lawyers tend to be cold blooded and lacking in heart all the signs are bad. I wish him the best of luck he is going to need it.

  • It will not

    George Clooney's marriage will not likely last for a long time, based purely on statistics; a large percentage of marriages end in divorce, in general, so there is already a good chance this will end the same way. Since both Clooney and his fiancee will definitely have many options for partners, the likelihood for divorce increases.

  • Not now, not ever

    I am struck that in all of the photos we have seen, from dating through the marriage weekend, none have the reflection of being in love. Very little eye contact, bodies positioned apart.....Just this sense that they are emotionally distanced. Of course no one knows what their private life contains, but the quick wedding poses more questions. I agree with all of the above posters....There is something a bit 'off' about all this and with that, I don't see sustainability.

  • I hope it will, for their sake, but it probably will not.

    I really do not think that Clooney knows who he's married, not yet. Unless Amal is an exception, Lebanese and in general Middle Eastern people are extremely ethnocentric, pushy and intolerant. It's just their culture. I do not think they realize it. Before he knows it, he will be gently forced to eat Middle Eastern food over and over again, and offer it to his guests, over and over again. The whole conversation will have to do with just how much of God's gift Lebanese are to human kind, over and over again, ad perpetuam. Everything you do, eat, buy, talk about will have to have some sort of Lebanese ethnic identification component to it. Clooney will know who is Lebanese in England, who is Lebanese in the US, who are the Lebanese professors, politicians, etc. Clooney will be driven away from his friends. AND wait till they have kids. That will be the real challenge. She will have an enormous pressure from her family to raise him as a Muslim, give him Muslim names, minimize Clooney's contact with him (don't want too much Western influence, right?), etc. Her family will move right in and stay. Assuming that Clooney is ok with being an outsider in his own home, then they just might make it. As soon as he puts his foot down, all hell will break loose. An she does not look like a kind person at all. Who knows, maybe she's an exception. Don't think so. Her wedding gift to Clooney was some cuff links with his name written in Arabic; a cultural-ethnic statement right from the get-go. Let's see. Perhaps we'll all be wrong, and Clooney will show us just how Liberal he is.

  • The divorce will be very destructive for Clooney but not her.

    Amal is a lawyer with her own career and I just don't see her career and his career being able to work together. If she takes on heavy cases and he is filming around the world they won't be spending much time together and there will be a lot stress on the relationship. They have not been together very long to really see how the practicalities of their lifestyles will work out and once the honeymoon period is over I see trouble.
    For her it is all sunny side,her profile is raised as Mrs Clooney and that can only help her in her legal career and being ex Mrs Clooney will still benefit her should they get divorced. She would come out of the divorce with a very big settlement a higher profile and no real downside. But for him a divorce would be very destructive. I see Amal as the most likely of the 2 to end the relationship.
    She is 36 and has got used to being independent and having the freedom that goes with it. All the signs are not good and when it comes to crunch time George will find out that the female of the species is more deadly than the male. Facing her in the divorce courts is going to be an absolute nightmare experience for him. I hope I am wrong but I see this ending in tears for him with her laughing all the way to the bank.

  • It will not last

    He hates smoking and she smoked and will go back to it. A big publicity sham for him to prop up sagging career and she fell for it.
    She will figure it out and want out. And what were those dresses up in the front and to floor at back. I agree they both love themselves too much.

  • They have nothing in common

    George and Amal are so incompatible it is surprising how they got to the bedroom let alone the alter. First, They come from different cultures. Alone this would not be a huge problem but they are also a generation apart. Maybe they could also learn to tolerate the different way of thinking that accompanies generational value discrepancies but they also do not share the same religious beliefs. Culture, age, religion are major. Sadly there are more differences between them. For example career choice and Past relationship choices. In fact the only similarity this writer could see was how well they each love themselves not each other. The marriage was a striking display of narcissism.

  • No way it won't last

    This marriage has no chance, I give the marriage 6 months or less. It seems, when celebrities spend a lot of money on the wedding, the higher the chances of divorce. Then he is going to get killed in divorce court, with her being a lawyer. Hopefully Clooney made her sign a pre-nuptial.

  • She wants his money and fame

    She's a bit of a gold digger, and she also benefits from his fame. Now she can shove her human rights lawyer career in everyone's faces.
    I'm more confused about why he wants to marry her. It's not like she is the most beautiful woman in the world. I think she's getting more out of it than he is.

  • "Unless the Lord builds the home the labourers labour in vain."

    Cloony is not religious. Amal is raised in a very religious home. It will take Clooney to be the best actor to remain committed when that hard work/labour in the marriage starts to change him like a pressure cooker. Marriage is becoming ONE flesh in body, mind, spirit and soul. Oil and water no matter how hard you try is just not possible. I give it 2 decades or less. But I congratulate them with their new babieS on the way?! Who knows? I am not God, but unless the Lord builds the home!

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