• Yes for sure clothes provoke sexual harassment

    There are many reasons and factors that provoke sexual harassment
    and for sure clothes is one of them
    I mean think about it. . .
    Wish one gonna attract the attention more: the woman that dresses conservatively or the woman that wear revealing clothes. . .
    There is no excuse for harassment, But for sure revealing clothes make you more likely to be in danger

  • It is inviting

    Most guys see revealing clothes as a sort of invitation. Many women seem to be unaware of these subconscious messages that they send out. After all, Why would a woman be flashing her breasts and butt if she is not interested in some sort of sexual interaction? We cannot just ignore these messages. Sure, Guys should not sexually harass women, But a guy is much more likely to be motivated and persistent if he thinks the woman is seeking a sexual vibe.

  • Depends on the clothes.

    It doesn't always happen, but a lot of times I hear about sexual harassment, I see the victim wearing skimpy clothes basically asking for it. I do think you should be able to wear what you want, but know that it can indeed provoke a pervert to touch you without consent if you're wearing shorts that reveal half of your buttocks and a crop-top up to the bottom of your breasts. Know the possibilities and consequences if you wear skimpy clothes. Don't wave it in peoples faces or they might just go in for the kill. Now, I don't support the idea of not letting people wear what they want, but yes, some clothes can indeed provoke a pervert to touch you without consent.

  • Clothing CAN provoke sexual harassment.

    If I were to approach a woman in a "sexually harassing" manner (which I wouldn't and don't), I would go for the one wearing more revealing clothing (or the most attractive, hence why clothing isn't relevant ALL the time).

    If two women walk by me of equal attractiveness, and one is wearing a turtle neck while the other is wearing a low-cut V-neck with no bra, I'm going to be setting my eyes on the one wearing more revealing clothing.

    With that being said, I'm not saying it's therefore okay to harass anyone for any reason, and clothing is not an excuse to harass anyone, but it is a REASON why some people harass women in this way. The question at hand is "do clothes provoke sexual harassment," and to that I answer yes, clothing can provoke sexual harassment.

  • One of the Constitution of the US is Freedom of expression. Women should be able to wear watever she want without being harmned or harassed.

    For centuries Women have been fighting for their right. Just because a women wore a mini skirt, a crop top or didn’t wear a bra, doesn’t give the right to assault her fysically or verbally. There is no such thing as “She was asking for it”. If the woman says no o protests that is not asking for it! Some men blane it on testosterone wich “difficults” their selfcontrol. This is false. The effect of the testosterone is not strond enough for a man to lose control. A man who would commit sexual assault it is just cruel, doesn’t have moral and has list respet of women and women right.

  • Are you dumb?

    The only thing that causes sexual harassment are sexual harassers. Clothes are not consent in any way. Women should not have to change what they wear in order for men to control themselves. We have a right to express ourselves, with out being harassed and assaulted. Grow the hell up.

  • Women should wear what they want.

    Listen to this, Women should be allowed to wear what they want without being harassed or raped. Men should control what's in their pants. A woman doesn't "ask for it" she is forced to be raped by someone. Men learn how to control yourself and don't victim blame, If you have done it, It's your fault. Don't say it's someone's fault for wearing something revealing women should be able to show the love of their bodies without living in fear someone will rape them. Learn consent.

  • Not really people

    It's based of entitlement usually. I was sexually harassed a couple times while wearing 3 thick layers of black clothes that covered 90% of my body. People should be allowed to wear whatever they want. Teach others to keep their fuckin' habds to themselves. Women have always been harassed, even when they wore those 2737273642718 layers of clothes.

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