Cluster bomb ban: Do cluster bombs have little (yes) or significant (no) military value?

  • Yes, they are not good for wars.

    Yes, cluster bombs have little value, because there are many better ways that countries today can fight their wars without needing to use weapons that cause innocent people to be hurt or killed. Countries can just use drones instead, or poison, or shooting. There are countless ways to take out bad people that don't take innocent lives.

  • Outdated for modern wars

    At one point cluster munitions were used in wars where it was effective to carpet bomb and decimate a large area however modern wars are fought with precision as to minimise casualties and reduce media attention. They are no longer an advantage never mind the unreliability of the weapon and the collateral damage possible

  • Cluster Bombs Offer Benefit in Some Military Situations

    Cluster bombs offer an efficient means of bombing a wider territory than can be attacked simultaneously with traditional bombs, cutting down on number of missions required to be flown and on the risk of exposure of bombers to retaliation. For these reasons they may have a significant edge in those combat situations where fine tuning is not necessary to reach a target in areas where there are no know areas that need to be spared.

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